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School Uniform and Grooming

The wearing of the correct full school uniform is compulsory. It gives the students a sense of belonging and pride in their school. We ask parents to insist that their children wear the correct uniform at all times. If this is not possible, please address a note to the class teacher which will be passed on to the Principal. Students who do not wear the correct uniform will be asked to explain. 

All school uniform requirements are available from Lowes at Westfield, Penrith. The school hat is part of the uniform. Every child is to wear the school hat every day when outside. Our hat policy encourages children to wear a hat, otherwise sit in the shade. Hats are available, at all times, through the school office. The compulsory school bag with logo is also available from the school.

Uniform Pool

With the assistance of parents, a second hand uniform stall operates every Tuesday at 2:30pm-2.45pm. This enables good second hand uniforms to be sold at very reasonable prices. 

Sports uniform will be worn twice weekly, days differ each grade. Children may be required to bring sports shoes at other times, as indicated in the newsletter. Sports shoes should be mainly white in colour. Sports shoes are not part of the general school uniform.

  • Hair is not to be coloured or tinted - unusual styles or cuts are not allowed

  • Hair should be clean and tidy, and long hair (shoulder length or longer) must be tied back (helps prevent the spread of head lice)

  • Hair ribbons in school colours are allowed

  • Nail polish or any make-up is not allowed

  • For safety reasons, we ask that children wear minimal or no jewellery at all to school, this also prevents the problem of expensive or sentimental items being lost.

  • Children may wear a thin silver or gold chain necklace, with a cross or other religious symbol attached under the line of their shirt, only studs or sleepers to be worn in ears, and only one earring in each ear

The following items are required for Kindergarten students:

  • school bag, (label outside school bag with your child's name and a familiar sticker or picture embroidered on, or even a key ring which will make recognition easier)

  • lunch box, drink bottle and raincoat

  • all outer clothing, which children may be required to remove, must be clearly labelled with the child’s name - this will ensure your child does not lose any part of his/her uniform or any costly personal property (please check labels periodically to ensure the name has not washed off and that it in fact belongs to your child)

  • a paint shirt

  • a spare pair of underwear and socks for girls; and underwear, spare shorts and socks for boys (to be kept in their bag in case of accidents)

  • no toys are to be brought to school unless under teacher direction, or for news.