Our Story


Our History

Bethany Catholic Primary School opened in 1996 and is situated in Glenmore Park, in the Diocese of Parramatta.

As a Parish school, Bethany promotes the Christian values that prompted its establishment. The Enabling Committee, with representatives from the Catholic Education Office and St Nicholas of Myra Parish, Penrith, was responsible for the early planning of the school. Subcommittees were responsible for the areas of promotion, motto, emblem, and uniform. The school aims to provide a learning environment that is stimulating, catering for the needs of the children, and in line with contemporary educational practices.

We are a vibrant Catholic school which provides for the diverse needs of many children who are living in the Glenmore Park and Regentville area, and who are part of the Parish of Padre Pio.

In recent years, Bethany has enhanced the learning environment for our students with refurbished classrooms, the construction of a hall and wonderful canteen facilities.

We are a three-stream school catering for about 600 boys and girls from Kinder to Year 6.

Our Bethany motto is: “In Christ We Love and Serve

Spiritual Life of the School

An integrated Religious Education Program is implemented throughout the school. The support and involvement of parents is encouraged.

The school follows the Religious Education Program Sharing Our Story, developed by the Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese.

Meaningful lessons in Religious Education are part of the school day, and Gospel values and attitudes permeate all aspects of school life.

Children have the opportunity to celebrate liturgies which reflect the liturgical seasons and the life of the school. They also participate in reconciliation and prayer times as part of the school day. 

The Parish facilitates family-centred First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation Programs for the children, and the school supports these initiatives within its Religious Education Program. We believe that Parish/ School/ Home should be giving the children the same values and messages of hope, love and compassion for others.