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The Bishop Manning Support Fund (BMSF) assists families in genuine financial need by providing funds towards the costs of local school-based fees, excursions and an initial allowance for uniforms. Fee relief for Diocesan Tuition Fees is provided under the financial hardship policy. Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta covers the operating expenses of the Fund so that 100% of all donations go to fund recipients. This arrangement assists schools in accommodating the financially disadvantaged.

In particular, BMSF provides opportunities for new students to enter our schools from families who would otherwise not be able to afford a faith-based education in a Catholic school. Our ability to assist children from disadvantaged families is limited in accordance with donations that the Fund receives from the public and our Education staff.



Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Your support will enable this educational initiative in our local communities and will assist us in our mission of making Catholic Education available to all in the Diocese of Parramatta.




Workplace Giving Program


We invite you to participate regularly in this most worthy cause by donating fortnightly via the Workplace Giving Program.

  • 3 staff members each giving $5 per pay will cover the average educational expenses of a primary student.
  • 3 staff members each giving $12 per pay will cover the average educational expenses of a secondary student.

The Workplace giving program is designed for teachers, ancillary staff and staff employed by Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

Please download the Workplace Giving Program form for more details and information. The form provides various options on how to join the Workplace Giving Program and make fortnightly donations through Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta payroll system. Your total WGP donations will be shown on your PAYG Payment Summary at the end of the tax year for you to include in your annual income tax return to record deductions.

Workplace Giving Program Form





One-Off Donations

One-off donations can be made by using the donation form below and WGP donations made through payroll deductions provide an immediate reduction in taxable income.

We thank you for your generosity

One-Off Donation Form


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For further information on the Bishop Manning Support Fund please contact the Support Fund representative by phone on 02 9840 5615 or use the email form below.

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