Students sleep rough to raise money for Vinnies


Photo - Danielle Jarvis, Penrith Press


As part of our annual winter sleep-out, students came to school dressed in their pyjamas to raise much-needed funds for St Vincent de Paul. Sitting on our sleeping bags in the school hall, our students learned all about homelessness in Australia from a St Vincent De Paul representative.

Following on from the day, Mrs Vella from Year 5 said that students had a greater appreciation for those who did not have what they had. “They develop a real appreciation of people living in injustice, not just technically homeless but people living with different injustices around the world,” Ms Vella said.

Sophie Folkes, a student in Year 5, said she was grateful for her home. “It was really fun but we also got better luxuries than the homeless do, even if we are pretending to be homeless, because we get aircon and actual beds and food.”


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